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The philosophy of co-producing better

BASE-LAB Health is connecting the insights of an innovation lab with the energy of a base camp: in a base camp teams gather intelligence and practice their skills prior to tackling a difficult mountain, innovation labs allow to brake conventions in a safe space.

Health has many stake-holders. We believe that success is made more difficult if there is no engagement with those who understand the Business aspects, those who can visualise problems to create aesthetically Attractive solutions, those who understand the Science and finally the Endusers. In healthcare co-production with Endusers usually means citizens, their support and healthcare professionals.  

At BASE-Lab Health, we understand that change is not easy. Years in quality improvement have taught us to start and finish everything we do with the people we care for: patients, their loved ones, our teams. 

BASE-Lab Health supports teams and acts as a critical friend to help clinicians and companies to define their approach and develop successful strategies to overcome challenges. BASE-Lab Health is passionate in helping teams to understand the contribution that patients can bring to their service.

BASE-Lab Health offers access to world class expertise on patient safety for our clients. We provide consultancy or on and off-site training in service design and quality improvement.

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