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BASE-Lab-Health: what we believe in in 5 twitter accounts ?

When we were discussing what BASE-Lab-Health should be about we spoke about the people and groups that inspire us. Here are five of them:

@Civilitysaveslives is the account of the amazing Chris Turner. He has collated lots of the stories and facts on the impact of being rude. It turns out that it is not just ugly but also really harmful for those working with someone who is rude and causes real harm through an increase in errors. Being respectful and civil is therefore more than just process.

@copronetwales brings together feeds about co-production from health, social care and beyond. Co-production has an increasingly strong evidence as a way to produce service models that have impact. The expertise on how to do this best is thinly distributed and hence a lot of services don't benefit from it.

Co-production comes with the attitude that roles are important but don't determine hierarchies. This is key to the work we do with BASE-Lab-Health.

@ShaunLintern is a journalist who was involved in exposing the Mid-Staffordshire catastrophe about poor care. He hosted the Health Service Journal's Patient Safety Congress. He has since taken up the health brief at the Independent but was instrumental in creating a platform that allowed clinicians, researchers and patients to mix.

@AlexHonnold is the climber from the Oscar winning movie "Fee Solo'. I admire his technique, his fearlessness and willingness to practice single moves over and over again. Just to say: I love being in the mountains. But I don't climb. I struggle with heights. But many of my friends and colleagues do. I am learning from them. The safety challenges that underpin climbing-teams are much closer to those that we use in clinical care than those from aviation: a mixture of planning before an ascent and being able to respond to unforeseen challenges is something that is probably quiet relevant to what we do at BASE-Lab-Health.

The Health Foundation @HealthFdn is a UK charity that funds research into Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Most people who are interested in Quality Improvement in the UK have at some stage worked with the Foundation. The Health Foundation has sponsored me for an Improvement Science Fellowship for the last three years for work on patient safety. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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