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Best Workplaces 2022 - Is your healthcare provider on the list?

A little booklet is coming through with the papers: Best Workplaces 2022! UK rankings.

How exciting: I am opening the booklet. These are all places in the United Kingdom. Great places to work at. I am looking forward to some inspiration. These places will look after their teams. People will enjoy working there. They will do great things for their customers. Inspiring ideas to adopt and adapt for our own work in North Wales. Included in the booklet an article on 'How bold leadership is creating great workplaces, hashtag #ForAll.

The results of the survey

Small workplaces first. Here come the categories: first up a company in financial services & insurance, then education and training, then management consulting, then online internet services. In fact all the companies on that first list are service providers for IT, consulting, recruitment, advertising.

Next up: Medium sized workplaces. Starting with IT software, recruitment, IT consulting.

Then large: IT, property management, IT consulting, management consulting.

Last super-large: IT software, hotel/resort, insurance and finally a charity.

Altogether 290 companies.

Anything missing?

I am looking for manufacturing: very little. Healthcare: I find one pharmaceutical company. Where are the healthcare providers, GP practices, leading hospitals, ambulance trusts, old people homes, schools or universities? Are they not great workplaces that make a real impact for the lives of their customers and give immense satisfaction to those working for them? Nearly every single one of these 290 companies on the list is in the service sector. I imagine flash offices, no sweat, blood, bodily smells, understaffing, overcrowding, underfunding, overwhelming, crying or screaming, pain or tears.

How does this reflect on our society if the best workplaces are not those that deal with life and death, that support the beginnings and endings of life? Maybe those places were not asked and their employees and customers not interviewed. Maybe their products are no good, their customers unhappy, and their best staff will leave for those best workplaces?

What is needed to change this?

What do we as citizens, patients, relatives, friends and voters need to do to make this industry and its products the best workplaces of 2023?

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