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Exciting? You bet!

Dreaming to have the head-space to work with people to co-produce better: better analysis, better understanding, better change, better measurements, better services, better experience.

In May we are having our first conference under the BASE-Lab Health banner - to be specific : it will be a BASE-Camp. The Camp is a day of setting up together, hanging out, talking, learning and then packing up the tents and bring the learning back to were we work throughout the week.

Thanks to everybody who helped to make this possible: The Health Foundation for sponsoring the research over three years. Exploring ways how people can be part of a healthcare team even if they are patients (and really sick).

The Bevan Commission for sponsoring the first Patient Powered Safety meeting.

My clinical colleagues who have given me the space to develop the concepts for the BASE-Lab.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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