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Patient Powered Safety 2022 is coming !

A year ago we had Patient Powered Safety 2021. With speakers from three continents and from 8 countries we had a truly international faculty. And this faculty has generated true impact by co-producing a special edition on patient safety for the Royal College of Physician's Future Healthcare Journal. No less than 5 manuscripts in the journal were based on presentations from the last symposium. I am super proud !

Patient Powered Safety 2022 is back on the 20th of May. We will have three themed-sessions:

Patient safety locally: a welcome from the President of the Royal College of Physicians for Wales, Dr Olwen Williams, OBE to outline the situation in Wales, a review of the contribution of legal cases to patient safety and presentations from patient representatives willing to share their experiences.

Patient and family activated rapid response: following from a very successful session last year we are following with examples from teams in the UK and the experience of patients. Mandy Odell will guide us through the challenges and enablers of implementing such systems in a hospital.

Patient held records are the theme of the 3rd session chaired by my colleague Zoe Fritz from THIS Institute who will cast some light into progress of this important tool in the context of patients who are admitted to hospital.

Interested: Here is the link for booking - and as always, if you are willing to share an experience or new finding in a poster then participation is for only 99 pence!

Looking forward to welcome you online or in Bangor !

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