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The first Easy-Read version of an acute care toolkit (ever)

People with learning disability suffer often from multiple health condition. They commonly struggle to express themselves. In Emergency Departments or Acute Medical Units this combination dramatically increases the risk that something important might be missed and that people suffer adverse events. Patients and those supporting them have told us this over and over again.

With experts by experience, specialists in the field and teams from the Royal College of Physicians and the Society for Acute Medicine we have therefore written a short toolkit for clinicians that highlights important pitfalls and helpful approaches that will hopefully be relevant when pressures are high at 3 o'clock in the morning in the admissions unit.

At this point quick reminders might be all staff can process.

The toolkit is Acute Care Toolkit No 16 ! But it is the first toolkit that is available in an Easy Read Version. We very much hope that this will achieve two things:

  1. Allow people with a learning disability read up for themselves what the college is recommending and remind their healthcare professionals..

  2. Make those working in acute care aware that the information is shared with their patients. Having the option to access the same information is often helpful to facilitate a dialogue.

To my knowledge not many guidelines are available as Easy Read versions. I would love to hear whether you are aware of other healthcare guidelines that have been published so that people that are affected by a condition can read up on what should happen and support their healthcare professionals by reminding them of helpful standards of care?

Could you post other examples on twitter?

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